About Us

On a mission to make the world hack again.

The Haul Earth Ledger is an opensource fundraising platform aiming to facilitate the transition from a consumer society to a creative, inventive, expressive society. Drawing from similar efforts before it like the Whole Earth Catalog, the Ledger collects tutorials which look at consumer goods as raw materials for further experimentation.

In doing so, the team aims to question the power of the few remaining consumer brands out there clinging to power, while ensuring the lifecycle of these devices is extended to the best of our community's capacity. This, we hope can contribute acknowledging and alleviating the burden our lifestyles have been for our home, the Earth.

In the news

How the Haul Earth Ledger came to be

Excerpt from The Existential Reader, Nov. 27th 2081

"...Ever since the Great Satisfaction of 2073, where the planet’s warming temperature forced countries to cap their HDI (Human Development Index) to a “satisfactory” level, all the major stores consumer brands who could not adapt to the consumer culture breakdown that came with it have had to shut... Today, the hauling that once brought joy to so many online influencers and shoppers has become a tradition celebrated by makers of all stripes. Year after year the best creations from each Black Friday are collected in the online Haul Earth Ledger (named after the Whole Earth Catalog)..."

What a joy to see the malls and shopping avenues filled with creative minds and hands that come to celebrate and create their new designs. A common sight in today’s shopping avenues and repurposed malls are what people refer to as ‘Black Friday Foundries’ (BFF): a variety of unique workspaces that resemble their ancestors the fablabs, stocked with amazing raw materials, devices, playgrounds, restaurants all made from what was left behind by obsolete corporations and those who’ve turned the page on their activities. This includes ‘ready-made’ products made from parts and pieces of consumer electronics, garments and other consumer goods from the good old ‘Black Friday’ days. With the endless amount of combinations and appropriations one could make, and the always changing assortment of products on offer, the only limitation is your imagination..."

The creators

The humans behind the platform

Pedro & Hugo founded the HEL in 2073. Each year they get together with fellow humans to co-create new hacks and tutorials that can help make use of the raw materials left behind by obsolete consumer brands. This initiative was in large part inspired by other editorial efforts before them like Near Future Laboratory's IKEA catalog, Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde's Ayo Repository, Extrapolation Factory's Pawn Tomorrow projects.

The community

Our platform thrives on the abundant generosity of these open-minded souls

The 8th HEL edition was cocreated online over the course of a week form the 16th to 20th of November 2081 during which the various individuals listed below gifted their expertise in life as earthlings to help further our cause. All the creations and deliberations can be viewed on the following virtual pinboard.